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Game and Nature

Levera National Park – The 450-acre Levera National Park holds a strong reputation as Grenada’s most scenic and spectacular coastal area. Its picture-perfect beach is quite popular on weekend

La Sagesse Nature Centre– This quiet mangrove estuary along the south-western coast is one of the best bird-watching locales on Grenada. In addition to the estuary, La Sagesse includes three fine beaches…

Lake Antoine National Landmark– This shallow crater lake, like Grand Etang, is host to a wide variety of wildlife. The lake’s perimeter trail, a beautiful walk in itself, is another of Grenada’s excellent attractions for birdwatchers.

Palm Tree Gardens Botanical Garden (Saint David’s)- Two acres of botanical gardens, including anthuriums, bromeliads, orchids, and over 25 species of palm trees. Stunning views of the mountains and ocean.

Sunnyside Garden– This five-acre private garden is home to some of the oldest mahogany trees in Grenada, as well as some of the island’s most treasured native plants and flowers. Address: St. Paul’s, St. George’s

Grand Etang National Park & Forest Reserve– The most popular areas in Grenada for hiking and trekking is undoubtedly the rainforest around the Grand Etang Forest Reserve, high up in the mountains of the island’s interior.