Fort Frederick

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This site really has something for everyone. History, landscape, sea, views, and more views! If you are interested in history, in the changes,in power that the Caribbean islands underwent so often, then this place symbolises it.

Along with three other forts, one just next door and eminently visitable, though not in good condition (the Americans bombed it in 1983), Fort Frederick was started by the French to secure their position after they had so easily captured the island from the British in 1779.

The French had confounded the British (who had been anticipating a naval attack) by attacking from inland. Not wanting to be caught out in the same way, the French constructed Fort Frederick with its cannons facing inland, rather than out to sea, earning it the nickname “Backwards facing fort.”

Fort George

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Fort George was built from 1706 – 1710, on an early battery erected by the French in the 1600s, and originally named Fort Royal, it was renamed Fort George in 1763, in honour of King George III when the British took possession of the island, Consequently, 2006 – 2010 would be its 300th anniversary.

It is basically a small bastion tracer fort, which means that each level can give covering fire for the other level, and has been in constant use in one form or another since it has been built. It was once the heart of the town, but as the town has grown and times have changed, it has been relegated to being used as a simple extensive building.

Currently, it houses the Royal Grenada Police force, but has sections which are open to the public.